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Silicon Valley is the world's most important technology center and Tech Hub. Companies such as HP, IBM, eBay, Google, Netflix, Facebook, Apple, Uber, Oracle, and many more started with small projects (some inside a garage) and changed the lives of millions of people.

Silicon Valley is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a complete and integrated ecosystem that revolves around technology and innovation. The consolidation of businesses in the area happened because several major universities are nearby, and in the technology area, new talent is constantly needed.

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The steam engine in the first industrial revolution marked an important milestone with great advances for humanity. Later, other industrial revolutions emerged that introduced changes in working methods, improved the means of communication and transportation, and, of course, gave many milestones in industrial progress in general, largely supported by constant technological advances.

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The important role of women in technology

Until the end of the twentieth century, social paradigms were imposed that limited the entry of women into the technological field. In recent decades, this idea has changed. Now women have begun to enter careers related to technology, and although there are great advances, there are still many challenges ahead.

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If you work in the field of technology you have probably heard of Docker, an open source project that automates the deployment of applications within software containers. To understand the concept better, it is important to first understand what a container is.

A container is a tool manager, that is simplified, light in memory, unalterable and fast. These features allow solving the problem of how to make the software work reliably when moving from one environment to another.

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