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on 07 Apr 2022 6:37 PM

Today, the demand for developers has led companies to evaluate their options and opt for models such as offshoring, nearshoring and outsourcing.

Let's start by defining each of them: 

  • Outsourcing or outsourcing of services: means hiring external suppliers to deliver a product or service. 
  • Nearshoring: as the name implies, it means "close to home. For example, companies in the United States look for talent in Latin American countries that have a similar time zone and culture to facilitate real-time communication.
  • Offshoring: creating a team that functions independently, anywhere in the world, regardless of time zone or similar culture. 

Next, we are going to focus on Outsourcing, which is increasing drastically in the technological area. This resource has become very popular for companies, as they find global talent by outsourcing.

This modality is very common for software development, because customers are looking for suppliers or partners to develop or accelerate their software by empowering engineering teams. 

If you are a software engineer or if you have studied a career related to technology, this information will interest you.

Advantages of Working in an Outsourcing Company

  • It offers you the benefits stated by the Bolivian labor law

    The outsourcing company that hires you must be within the Bolivian labor law. Therefore, it must employ you through an indefinite contract and guarantee you the minimum benefits: seniority, social security, Christmas bonus, retirement, vacations and others mandated by law. 

  • Your work experience will increase

    Hiring through an outsourcing company can be permanent or by projects, giving you the opportunity to work with different types of clients. This will increase your resume and will be more attractive to organizations in a specific field, the more experience you have the better. 

    Also, there is also the possibility of a salary increase and the opportunity to grow within the company. Working with people from other countries brings a lot of value and experience. 

  • You will enhance new skills 

    Companies that hire Outsourcing services are highly competitive. If you have the right disposition and attitude, this approach can lead you to learn many new things and discover skills you didn't know you had. For example, at AssureSoft most of the clients are in the United States, this allows the staff to improve their English skills. 

  • You can start with no experience 

    Outsourcing is an interesting and attractive model for employers, many times they are looking for people with no experience, but with talent and willingness to learn. For example, AssureSoft has a training program that levels you up and prepares you for world-class projects, this allows people to gain experience and develop their skills while training for international projects.

  • Ongoing training 

    Outsourcing companies are interested in building a base of well-trained human talent, as this is the only way they can respond faster to the requirements of the labor market. This allows them to train personnel during the course of their work. 

  • Greater flexibility

    Many outsourcing companies have an international vision, which implies a different work culture focused on results, flexible schedules, and staff motivation.