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You've probably already heard of the DevOps methodology, where engineering and operations teams coordinate and work together to do a more suitable job. In the DevSecOps methodology, the cybersecurity departments are also included.

What is DevSecOps?
It is an approach that seeks constant collaboration between engineers and security teams in different processes, starting with development and operation, integrating security elements within the DevOps work cycle, to avoid problems and cybersecurity incidents in the future.
That is why, combining the three, it is given the name: DevSecOps. These teams of engineers are coordinated so that they can establish new ways of working by sharing tasks, information, and material, among other things, so that the result can be managed with the lowest margin of error.

The main objective of DevSecOps is the focus on security as a key and essential element. It is becoming more and more relevant as it is a solution to many day-to-day problems in many software companies, avoiding many failures in the middle of the process. This organizational methodology positively influences the efficiency and performance of software development and application, in addition to delivering products with better quality standards at a better cost.

Win-win for everyone
Applying this approach can be beneficial for different groups. For end customers, this way of product development seeks a delivery that is faster, more secure, and above all, of a better quality for them. For teams, the benefit is less time spent/reaching their targets in a more efficient way. Without DevSecOps, more time would be spent on extended development cycles. And finally, for software development companies, a new labor management approach is applied that is innovative and profitable for the reasons previously mentioned, resulting in happier customers.

Taking these factors into account, implementing DevSecOps in your teams is highly recommended, not to say indispensable, because of the many headaches you can save.

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