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Cloud Solutions

The cloud helps us to develop solutions for complex businesses, developing under a scalable infrastructure, with solid security practices and artificial intelligence. Now, more than ever, the cloud is vital to help companies reopen and reinvent themselves. The cloud is the key element to complete your digital transformation.

AssureSoft offers a process tailored to each business, with the goal of finding the best solution for the customer. Using the cloud you can gain new insights, unlock new opportunities and create better experiences.

We Offer

Cloud migration

We take your on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud.

Hybrid cloud

We combine your local infrastructure with public cloud elements.

Cloud management

We help you control the different elements you have in your public cloud.

Cloud security

We design cloud solutions in a secure way to preserve your customers' information.

Cloud automation

We make your infrastructure scalable and easy to modify.

SaaS Integration

We help you integrate your SaaS products with different cloud provider