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Smart Cities

Smart cities improve public welfare and support the development of a smart industry through the use of advanced technologies - including 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and big data analytics. The necessary technological tools are already available, and the transition to a smart, technology-supported city is now possible. Each application contributes to improving the quality of life of citizens.

AssureSoft applies Smart City best practices by providing a complete solution for smart city services. Ensuring maximum return on investment and meeting the current and future needs of any city. We integrate high-level planning, design verification, implementation, operations support, optimization, talent development, and project management.

Benefits of Smart Cities

As governments, transportation authorities, and public safety agencies adopt Smart City solutions and technologies, the quality of life for their citizens is improved.

  • Improved Public Safety

    In a smart city, cameras and sensors can detect accidents, alert authorities, and broadcast live videos from the scene to the appropriate authorities so that they can be aware of these events and respond immediately to solve the problem.

  • More Efficient City Services

    Smart City solutions improve the availability of basic services by making use of automation, while at the same time generating knowledge about population trends so that the city can better respond to their needs.

  • Sustainability and Resilience

    From monitoring the environment to managing climate change, cities are using technology to connect their environments, reduce the impact of climate fluctuations and build sustainable futures.

  • More Tools for Public Health

    Within the ‘new normal’, solutions for face mask and social distancing detection, fever detectors, and sanitation help cities create safe spaces for citizens. They provide applications that help authorities define contagion hotspots and establish effective quarantine perimeters.

  • Traffic Reduction and Improved Urban Movement

    Smart Cities can adjust traffic signals, change routes, and notify citizens of the fastest routes and means by which to get from one point to another.

We Offer

IOT consulting services

We evaluate projects, plan them and set the direction for the proposed objectives.

Online Services

We build cloud platforms, mobile applications and provide you with data analysis.

Artificial Intelligence Services

We help integrate and develop intelligent automated solutions for the different applications within a Smart City.

Smart Video Services

We implement different image processing solutions with the latest technologies available in the market.