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Due to the technical complexity in programming and the high level of detail, software during its development and maturity stage tends to have some errors. In some cases, they can be easy to solve and in others they can have major consequences. Because of this, in the last decade, quality control in the software industry has advanced rapidly to ensure the quality of software applications.

If you are interested in learning more about software testing, this article will be very useful for you. It explains the general steps or guidelines in the software testing life cycle (STLC).

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New year

2019 is concluding and with it a set of events, moments and emotions that marked our lives. This year, we have worked on new challenges, our teams have grown professionally and personally, we gave our best and most importantly, we shared our passion for technology.

We believe that the end of the year is a good time to reflect, think about the good things we did, review the successes we had and mistakes we made, and thus assess what we have learned so far to set new goals for next year.

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If you work in the field of technology you have probably heard of Docker, an open source project that automates the deployment of applications within software containers. To understand the concept better, it is important to first understand what a container is.

A container is a tool manager, that is simplified, light in memory, unalterable and fast. These features allow solving the problem of how to make the software work reliably when moving from one environment to another.

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