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The leaders of a team have, as one of their main objectives, to inspire other people to be the best versions of themselves. This allows the team to be more productive and efficient.

But, what is being efficient? It is linked to quality, and we can define it as carrying out a certain task in the most appropriate way and with the least possible resources. On the other hand, productivity means achieving the set objectives at a specific time. In other words, productivity is the ability to produce and to be useful and convenient.

If you are a team leader, we know that it can be complex at times. For that reason, we are giving you some effective tips that will help your team to be more productive and efficient:

  • Keep open to comments and changes (Feedback): It is very important to have some time to talk with your team and introduce a feedback process. It is ideal for the team to be formed within a transparent and honest culture with positive and negative feedback.
  • Appreciate good work: Many times, employees are so busy that deserved recognition is forgotten. So, the team leader should make sure to give an expression of appreciation for a good job, to keep team members motivated. For example, you could choose to implement an incentive program, or you could have "one-on-one" meetings, small meetings in which the employee and his manager can talk about personal and professional aspects of the person.
  • Have the right tools to work: This enables engineers to effectively fulfill all their tasks. Help them accelerate and automate their activities with technology, and they will be more productive and happier. The more tools your team has, the easier it will be for them to be productive and efficient.
  • Shared activities: By “activities”, we mean company retreats and also short tasks that encourage collaboration in your team. If the members get along and are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, the workplace will become a happier place. We recommend that you do the activities often, so that the benefits are more lasting. Suggested activities are: celebrating small occasions such as birthdays and other important dates, or making a photographic mural of the team's activities to inspire them.

    If your team is remote, you can create the connection with meetings and photographs.  It is good to make video calls and spend a few minutes talking about personal matters. You can also have a working communication channel and another to share jokes and personal things. In addition, we advise you to meet as a team at least once a year outside the work environment.

  • Good communication: Communication is at the heart of great teamwork and is the basis of a good relationship between co-workers. There are many ways in which your team can communicate, including social networks and online collaboration tools. A lot of businesses thrive with effective communication.
  • Recognize humility: Humble people are more focused on finding the right answer, instead of winning an argument.  This type of people is easy to teach and to work with. Encourage openness of the mind and a continuous desire for improvement. Being humble allows us to be at peace with ourselves, recognize our obligations and the contributions of team members to achieve the objectives.
  • Respect in the team: Respect is the essence of human relationships, of life in community and of teamwork. Respect in the workplace creates an environment of security and confidence.

We hope that this article has helpful for you to improve the productivity and efficiency of your work team. We would love to know the different methods or techniques they use to increase their productivity. Share your experience or comments about the article with us, in an email to: