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New year

2019 is concluding and with it a set of events, moments and emotions that marked our lives. This year, we have worked on new challenges, our teams have grown professionally and personally, we gave our best and most importantly, we shared our passion for technology.

We believe that the end of the year is a good time to reflect, think about the good things we did, review the successes we had and mistakes we made, and thus assess what we have learned so far to set new goals for next year.

As part of 2019 we have had new members in our team. We learned together, shared experiences and helped them start their professional careers. We participated in technology events, developed software with passion and made our contribution to the environment and society.

This year has filled us with pleasant moments of hard work, happy moments, smiles, worries, support and especially learning and teaching. We have celebrated the big and small things in life and trust again that a company is successful thanks to its teams.

We receive 2020 with a lot of emotion, with new objectives, and opportunities, to achieve what we want and desire, but we are especially happy to continue doing what we like to do, developing quality software.

To all our readers and to those who are part of AssureSoft, we wish you to end the year with the satisfaction of having accomplished great goals. We hope that next year will be full of happiness and challenging goals. We are very happy to have shared this experience with all of you. We are ready to make 2020 an even better year. We will continue to build talent and bring value to our society and the software industry.