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A different year
on 05 Jan 2021 4:43 PM

This year the pandemic interfered with people's social, economic and individual situations. This has changed our lives, and we have had to adjust to do essential activities and find alternate ways of moving forward. In the labor area, companies were forced to adapt within the modalities of working remotely or maintaining physical distance in the office. In other words, our way of life, as we knew it, changed.

Under this new reality, AssureSoft's team continues to work from home to protect you and your family's health. This year, the company has continued to be committed to its global clients in the United States and has provided various recreational activities, emotional support, career enhancement, collective motivation, technical training and entertainment activities for its teams remotely. All this was done with the objective of continuing to share experiences and pleasant moments despite the circumstances. 

During the year, the company has managed to strengthen internal communication and leadership skills in its teams. This year was different and brought with it many challenges and learning. Daniel Gumucio, President of AssureSoft, said, "We closed the year with a positive attitude, grateful for belonging to the technology industry. Despite the difficulties, we are coming out of this crisis stronger and bigger. Technology is advancing very fast worldwide, and that allows us to continue growing. We are sure that 2021 will be a better year, with more challenges and new goals to achieve. I firmly believe that we are prepared to achieve them.”

For 2021, AssureSoft has the objective to continue growing, expanding to other cities of Bolivia, to continue working for clients on a world-wide scale and to continue generating employment, hiring top-level professionals. "We will achieve our goals. We have an excellent team which has allowed us to continue growing this year and with which we will continue to do so in 2021," said Gumucio.