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on 19 Aug 2021 6:18 PM

We all aim to be more productive, to do a better job, more efficiently and in the shortest time possible. That's what productivity is all about. Therefore, we have compiled the five best tips for software developers.

Healthy mind and body 

It is important to maintain the body with good eating and exercise habits. Among the most basic good habits is: keep the body hydrated, do physical activity at least 3 times a week, consume foods containing vitamins. 
On the other hand, the mental aspect is also important. Feeling bad emotionally affects performance. In the following points, you will learn how to leave distractions aside and focus on what is important.
By taking these tips into account, you can have a healthier body and more energy to give 100% during the day.

Contributing breaks 

Ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique? Don't let the name fool you. It is a time management technique focused on boosting productivity. It consists of investing time in work sessions (pomodoros) combined with rest sessions, in order to boost your focus at the end of each session. 
You can help yourself with a clock or timer on your cell phone or computer. If you start the process, do not break off and/or interrupt you're pomodoro. Once you start, you must complete it to the end or till the alarm goes off. You can take this as a challenge or a game to make it more entertaining. If you stop your session, you must start again, try not to go past the time allotted. During the break, you may get up and move around, in order to forget everything. Try not to use the rest time doing smaller or less important tasks.
We are not machines. The brain requires rest, which is why this technique is ideal for you to combine activities, giving you a break, while reducing stress and increasing concentration.

Plan your day

Organization is the key word and one of the pillars to achieve productivity.
Define the activities that you should be doing throughout the day. For this purpose, you can use an agenda book, or if you like, an application like Trello, Do!, Google Calendar, or others, whatever helps you to have everything you have to do in one place and to keep track of the tasks performed, your progress and any remaining tasks.

Prioritize task 

Organizing your to-do tasks will give you a clearer vision of the work day and help you organize your day. 
Write down in your agenda book all the activities you have planned at the beginning of the day. Do not leave out any of them. Then classify all your tasks, ranking them from the most important to the least important. This will give you an overview of which tasks require immediate attention.

Eliminate distractors 

It is of utmost importance to give all your attention to the tasks ahead. One of the biggest distractors is the mobile device, where we access different social networks, and through which we can be contacted by text message or call. 
Although the most practical solution is to turn it off, we must take into account that many people have contact with their team or clients through their mobile device, a situation that makes it impossible to turn it off. But technology is always there to rescue us, with applications such as Cold Turkey, Freedom, Blocker, RescueTime, SelfControl, among others, that help block websites, applications or programs.


Follow these tips to boost your productivity, and you will discover great results that will be very beneficial for you.
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