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Smart Home System
Low level programming for easy technology management in smart homes
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Project Description

Low level programming for easy technology management in smart homes



Our client was founded in Palo Alto, California. The company created a platform for consumers to easily manage all the connected technology in their homes, converting their homes into Smart-Homes.

The user can manage and monitor all connected devices in their home or office from the Web or different mobile applications. It is a complete service that manages all household devices from anywhere. In addition, the service offers technical, professional and remote support in real time, which allows the user to have the latest updates, drivers, hardware configurations, security, network, and others.

Due to the success of the company, the largest telecommunications company in Europe, with several subsidiaries around the world, bought this multi-million-dollar solution, which was developed mostly by the AssureSoft team in Bolivia.



Our client wanted us to help him in the development of a Java application to be able to visualize topologies of the client´s subscriber network. The biggest challenge was the complexity of the development at low level due the iteration with hardware, network devices, drivers and especially the short delivery time to get the product to market.



After knowing the needs of the client, AssureSoft incorporated a team in the Business Analysis area to define the requirements, flows, screen designs, and quality standards. The majority of the engineering team was in Bolivia, working in real time with a small team in Palo Alto, California.

It was mostly programmed at a low levelusing: C ++, Java, Sockets, Ports and Drivers, among others.

The company started a relationship with the client in 2010 and the projects lasted more than five years, since the challenge was extended to Web and mobile platforms, until it was acquired by one of the largest telecommunications companies in Europe.

Due to the confidence obtained by the client, many trips were made to the United States and later to Europe, since the work of our engineers was very valuable for the company and its final customers. Because of this, our team continued to support the platform through the new owners and users in Europe.



  • In a short time, the client formed a team of experts in low-level programming, security and networks.
  • Our client has the advantage of working in real time, without time difference and in constant communication between all their teams.
  • The client saved a lot of time and money, because the technical support was provided remotely.
  • The end users can count on a complete platform to manage their homes from anywhere.
  • Thanks to the work of the Bolivian engineers, our client grew rapidly and was bought by the largest telecommunications provider in Europe.

Project Details