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Mobile CRM Solution Development
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Project Description

Mobile CRM Solution Development



Our customer is a market leader in intelligent cloud-based sales automation solutions. Its innovative platform helps sales teams convert more prospects into customers, creating high-speed sales environments and maximizing company revenues.

It was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2004 and currently helps more than 2000 companies to optimize their sales processes. 2017 was named one of the best sales software products by G2 Crowd.



The client wanted enable the logic of the current web platform onto different mobile platforms. The challenge was to create user-friendly, multifunctional and dynamic applications for the Mobile user. We successfully created an application for the iPhone platform, and, due to the success achieved, a secondary version for iPad and then Android was created by the Assuresoft Team.



AssureSoft formed a multidisciplinary team that exceeded customer expectations. With a support of a complete team of software engineers working diligently on the project, we gained the Clients’ confidence in our capabilities. This confidence allowed us to provide valuable input to the C Level Executives which helped them make critical business decisions.

The company started a relationship with the client in 2012. In the beginning, a lot of work was accomplished with our Business Analysts. Due to this analysis, the Web Platform was successfully replicated onto mobile platforms, thus providing an easy-to-use application for end users. Our business relationship and active project management lasted more than 2 years with this Client.

From the start of the Project, the development process was quite agile. User story boards were created with different screen designs, user interface (UI) features and specific requirements. The programming languages utilized are Objective C and Java, which accommodated the latest native versions of iOS and Android platforms. Subsequently, an iPad (iOS Universal App) and other Android tablets platforms were accomplished.

These project milestones were achieved ahead of the Clients expectations.



  • Our client has the advantage of working in real-time, without time difference and in constant communication with our Nearshore development teams.
  • Our client benefited from utilizing our Teams vast experience and expertise to overcome any technical challenges at a lower cost.
  • The client was able to quickly launch their native iOS and Android applications to the mobile market.
  • The end user benefited from an user-friendly application, that can be utilized anytime, anywhere.

Project Details