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Healthcare Platform
Maintenance of legacy code and construction of a robust and easy-to-maintain platform
  • Assuresoft Case Studies Healthcare Platform

Project Description

Maintenance of legacy code and construction of a robust and easy-to-maintain platform



Our client is number one in developing the most reliable software platform for outpatient rehabilitation in the United States. The end clients are exclusively physiotherapists who have the facility of maintaining medical records, scheduling appointments, making reports, payments, exams and monitoring their patients, among other functions in a very comfortable, orderly and safe way.

It was founded in 2006 and today has around 77,500 members and more than 10,400 clinics that are part of this collaborative platform. For the last few years it has been rising within different rankings such as the fastest growing companies in technology categorized by Deloitte's The Technology Fast 500, Top B2B Arizona TECH in 2018 and others.



At the beginning, this client developed a platform in LAMP. The technologies and versions were outdated, but over time they expanded on their platform architecture and improved their software code.

The Client worked with a Nearshore Software Development company in Central America whose staff turnover was high and did not meet the Client’s expectations. To provide a solution to their problem, in 2015, AssureSoft began a strategic relationship with the client, together with a small team of engineers that has grown due to the excellent work. Today the client has five teams in Bolivia that work in different areas and has a plan to expand in the following months.



At the beginning of our involvement, our team of engineers stabilized the legacy code and implemented different strategies and quality processes to guarantee the correct evolution of the product. A short time later, the work was divided into two areas: those tasked with security and those tasked with improving the software code. During the process, they used Zend Framework and re-developed a large part of the legacy code. This is how AssureSoft expanded the teams with new software developers, including the original Research & Development teams in Bolivia, to have a more stable, solid and maintainable base code.

Subsequently, AssureSoft started working with new companies, each with different software platforms. Various languages were integrated, and new User Interface functionalities were created. In the course of time, the AssureSoft software engineering team fully demonstrated its capabilities, effort and commitment to their client and began working on larger projects and taking on more Project Management responsibilities.

Currently, the AssureSoft Team is not only responsible for the development of new initiatives, but is also in charge of new code reviews (Quality Assurance) to successfully comply with all USA Healthcare PCI and HIPAA Compliance standards.



  • The Client has access to the AssureSoft Team in USA Time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Thanks to the excellent performance of Assuresoft’s engineers in Bolivia and their grasp of Agile principles, values and practices, the Client has experienced immediate growth of the software platform’s capabilities, reflected in constant growth of new end users.
  • The Client benefits from a cross-functional and multi-disciplinary team that is committed to the company.
  • The Client’s end users enjoy a comfortable, intuitive and secure platform.
  • Thanks to the work of the AssureSoft engineering teams, the Client has obtained contracts with many industry-leading companies in the United States and Canada.
  • The Client has a strategic partner capable of meeting the technical requirements as well as the security standards required for Healthcare PCI and HIPAA Compliance.

Project Details