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Are you ready to do something different?

The objective of our training program is to bring up to speed the people who have just graduated from universities, who want to pursue a career in Business Software Development, meeting international quality standards.

The duration of our training program is three to six months, depending on the level of the applicant's knowledge and his or her ability to adapt to real Outsourcing projects. After completing the training program, the applicant will go through an evaluation stage to be hired and start his or her career as a Software Engineer, forming part of one of the AssureSoft teams and working on real and challenging projects.

Our training programs are:

  • Without cost

  • Without long-term commitments

  • Without legal ties

What are we looking from engineers?

  • Passion for technology

  • Eagerness to learn

  • Desire to grow professionally

  • If you are interested in participating in our Training program, send us your personal information by filling out the following form

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