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Years ago, careers related to technology were not yet an option for women. However, now things have advanced, so that there are many moms who are part of this great enterprise. On this special occasion of Mothers’ Day, we recognized the engineers of AssureSoft who are mothers. They tell us how wonderful it is to be a woman, a mother and to be immersed in the world of technology.

Currently being a mother and being successful in a profession is not a reason for conflict; these extraordinary women enjoy both to the fullest.

One of our mom engineers told us that the most beautiful thing about being a mother is to see her son grow, to enjoy his company and his confidence, and to feel that great love that magically springs up, as well as to see how he discovers the world and interacts with the environment.

For another of our systems engineers, it is beautiful to see her son smiling, to see him fulfill his goals and purpose and to see him happy, being part of that process and collaborating in it.

A mom of a team told us that being everything for her son is beautiful. "Your son sees you as the best: you are his heroine and his financial provider, because he wants everything; you are his protector, because sometimes he is afraid at night," she said.



For a long time, careers related to technology have been perceived by many young people as a field for men. Despite this, women have played a key role in the development of technology.

Our interviewees enjoy this challenging and creative profession. "Software development is an incredible career, full of possibilities, in addition to there constantly being many things to learn and improve. I like to be responsible for quality and that is why I chose engineering, because it provides the opportunity to continue solving problems with a focus on the client, making the dreams of everyone who wants a better future come true, "says a mother with more than five years of experience in the field of technology.

Our engineers are motivated by the fact that they have to keep learning constantly. "I love reading and continuing to learn in the workshops or courses that are presented. I did a diploma and masters in Scrum, among other courses and there is always much more to learn" said one of them.

Another of our engineers tells us that the most motivating thing is to be the example for her children. "I want my children to be equal or better than me. I do not want them to settle for little. I want my daughter to be able to stand on her own" she said.

In the midst of this exciting, rapidly growing world, these women enjoy being mothers and tell us how they balance their work and personal time. "The challenge of being a mother has been great, but thank God, my son's father helps me a lot. He works on a flexible schedule and can take him to and pick him up from his daycare center," he says.

Another mother told us that she tries to balance her work hours well and be with her family. "I think that you want to dedicate more time to your children, but also to your profession.  In my case, as soon as I arrive home, I am with my son until the time he falls asleep, and on weekends, we try to be together and do many different activities," she explained.

The mothers told us that having children is wonderful. They help you to revive your inner child, to use your imagination and to be patient, and these aspects improve your work activity.

For our company, it is very important that our engineers have an adequate balance between their personal and work life.