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UI Design

The name UI Design is short for User Interface Design, but what is a user interface? It is the graphic design, template, or graphical layout of a website, web page, or application. In other words, it is the part of the web design that is visually focused, aiming at the objective that the brand seeks for the users while they are in the site or application.

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UX design

The importance of planning and design is fundamental, which is why graphic design increasingly requires more specializations. A few examples of these specializations are editorial designers, illustrators, 3D designers, packaging designers, and others. But what characterizes a UX designer? 
Two words: user experience, I, if you want to know why continue reading this article.
A UX (User Experience) designer is in charge of creating and detailing the process or steps by which the user interacts with the product through research, data analysis and prototypes.

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