Call Centers and Salesforce
Development of a modern architecture, based on Microservices with Node.js for Call Centers and Salesforce
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Project Description

Development of a modern architecture, based on Microservices with Node.js for Call Centers and Salesforce



This project started two years ago. The company developed an integration and reporting platform for Call Center users, making it easier for end customers to manage their information in an orderly manner, without needing to handle different separate applications.

With this platform, end users can manage different accounts, create reports and analyze information from different platforms, without having to gather data manually. Another advantage is that the user only need to log in once to have access to all their information and distributed systems.



Our client wanted us to help him create a robust, fast and modern platform to integrate different customer service platforms and Call Centers in real time, using the latest available technologies. The biggest challenge was to use new technologies, which many engineers still did not know well. In addition, we worked on developing a complex architecture based on JavaScript.  There was an initial learning curve while testing different libraries and tools, but it was short because they were used to being self-taught.



After knowing the needs of the project, AssureSoft incorporated a team of software architects who worked on the design of the new architecture. The engineers successfully developed a modern architecture, based on Microservices with Node.js, using structured and unstructured memory-based databases, and integrated DevOps practices with Docker and other CI / CD tools.

The framework and the developed platform now allow the integration of new products and partners into the customer's ecosystem easily and quickly, where information from different data providers and distributed systems is taken in and integrated.

In addition to the developed Web platform, our team integrated this new platform with Salesforce, to subsequently create various customer service applications within Salesforce.

The AssureSoft team not only worked on the development of the system, but also took over all the activities of UX Design, Development, Quality Control, DevOps and Project Management.



  • Our client quickly got a complete and multidisciplinary team, able to adapt to new technologies and challenges.
  • Our client is constantly bringing to market new applications that work on the developed platform.
  • End users can count on a complete and unified platform to manage their customer service departments in a more agile and simple way.
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