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Food Ordering Platform
Higher productivity with a Scrum process web ordering platform for major global restaurant chains
  • Assuresoft Case Studies Food Ordering Platform

Project Description

Higher productivity with a Scrum process web ordering platform for major global restaurant chains



Our client is a leader in developing a Web and Mobile ordering platform for iPhone and Android, which has a rapidly growing market. The software platform contains first-class custom brands and offers integrated payments, reports and a complete marketing suite for restaurant chains with multiple locations. Today, millions of users access this application that benefits more than 2,000 restaurants.



At the beginning, the client had a small team of Web developers. Due to the lack of personnel and the rapid growth of the company, a new software architecture was proposed by the Assuresoft Software Development Team to help meet current needs and support the future growth of the Company.



After evaluating the client's needs, AssureSoft put together a high-caliber team with expert professionals in Project Management, Software Development, Quality Control and Database Engineering to complement the engineering team located in Colorado, USA.

Part of the success and quick adaptation of the Assuresoft Team was the training and knowledge transfer provided onsite to our client in the United States, as well as our Software Development Center located in Bolivia. The client was provided a robust and united team that could adapt quickly to on-demand client change requests.

Since 2015, our team has developed and maintained this platform that supports old clients and creates new functionalities and updates in different modules for end customers and restaurant chains.

Due to an internal lack of software development processes at the beginning, AssureSoft helped its client to implement SCRUM Methodology as a standard process; All teams were guided and trained in the SCRUM Process to achieve project success.



Our client obtained great benefits:

  • A complete team of multidisciplinary engineers was quickly formed, and at reduced costs compared to other Nearshore Countries.
  • Our client has the advantage of working with us in real time, without a time difference and in with constant communication between all their teams.
  • AssureSoft accelerated the production capacity of the project because our team of engineers are highly trained experts in different technologies.
  • Our client’s end users can enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly platform anytime, anywhere.

Project Details