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on 24 Nov 2021 5:28 PM

If you are interested in technology-related careers and want to enter the world of programming, these tools and tips will help you get started on your career path.

Focus on Web Development

What is Web Development? It is practically creating and maintaining web applications, so that they are always well presented. To achieve this you must learn different languages, frameworks and libraries. The language used depends on the task to be performed. To understand Web Development, we need to know that it is divided into: Frontend (client side, i.e. the most visible part and interaction with the end user) and Backend (server side, i.e. the part that is not seen, data management, business logic, among others). A good way to get your start in this world is to find which part you would like to work in, as Frontend as well as Backend hosts different technologies and languages. 
If you feel that you shouldn't choose only one side and want to develop in both: Good news! You can be a Full-stack developer, who knows at all levels how a web works and is in charge of both Frontend and Backend. Since this is more complex, it requires more investment of time to gain experience and acquire knowledge.

Recommended technologies

We have some technologies to suggest, with which you could take the first steps of your journey in your technology career. We recommend starting with HTML and CSS3, which are the most basic.
CSS is a graphic design language that allows you to create and define everything related to the presentation of a structured document.
 Another recommendation is to start learning Angular and React. You can get to know the framework and the library little by little and thus gain experience in these technologies that currently have the largest market.

Mobile and Ionic

Mobile devices have taken on a transcendental importance in everyone's life. It could be said that there is no person who does not have a mobile device, and a large percentage of web traffic is on mobile devices. Therefore, it is essential to take into account development on mobile platforms. 
Ionic is an open source multiplatform framework for the development of hybrid applications, easy-to-learn since it is based on: HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which can be integrated with other frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue, in addition to having a simple interface design.

Responsive design

Responsiveness refers in short to the adaptability of the web application to different formats and devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, TV, among others).

Learn and play 

Codepip ( is a site that contains various programming games that help you learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, among others, in a more didactic way. One of the most popular is Flexbox Froggy ( and Grid Garden (, games that help you in the first steps of Flexibility concepts.

As you advance and learn you will get to know many more useful tools, as well as gaining experience and learning.
We hope this article has been to your liking, as well as helpful. If you want to know more about us or about any technological topic, please write us at the following email: