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Our Passion for Technology

Passion is not something owned by one people or culture. However, nobody can deny that Latin Americans wear it on their sleeve. From the intense energy of a stadium with tens of thousands of fervent soccer fans, to dances such as the Tango, Salsa or Cumbia, to the rich flavors and fiery spices of Latin American cuisine, passion is an integral and visible part of our culture.

Latin passion is clearly inspired by its spectacular physical surroundings. This is especially true in Bolivia with a unique geography that has the highest average altitude, yet a biodiversity that contains 40% of all animal and plant life in the world. From the indescribable grandeur of the Andes Mountains, to the Amazonian rain forests with the wettest zone on the planet, or the biggest salt flat in the word with one of the largest lithium reserves in the world, passion is inspired every day in Bolivia and is an intrinsic part of the culture and a people who never believed impossible was a word. It is in our DNA. We don't hold back. We possess a passion for life and an adventure for living.

At AssureSoft, we like what we do. We bring our passion to our work every day delivering solutions that don't just exceed OUR customer’s expectations; they exceed YOUR customer's expectations. They are a collaborative effort to solve a well-defined business problem in a way that delights your end user. As passionate as we are about technology and developing world class, quality software, we never forget that its purpose is to give you a competitive advantage by delivering measurable business results.